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When it comes to creating thick and healthy lawns, you can depend on GROW GREEN. Our professional 6-application program and experienced, licensed technicians will give you a lawn you and your family will enjoy. Since we're a local company, we know what you soil and grass type really needs. Depend on us to deliver great results...all season long.

Grow Green Weed-Buster Lawn Care Program
Our comprehensive lawn care program will meet the needs of turf grass in your area while providing you with a thick, green lawn and controlling weeds and insect pests.

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Applies to new residential customers only and lawns up to 5,000 square feet. Call for details.

Step 1- Spring Step 2- Late Spring
  • Balanced, slow-release granual fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control
  • Limestone application (optional)
  • Balanced, slow-release, granual fertilizer
  • Broadleaf weed control
Step 3- Summer Step 4- Late Summer
  • Balanced, slow-release, granual fertilizer
  • Spot weed control
  • Grub control (optional)
  • Balanced, slow-release, granual fertilizer to promote summer stress recovery
  • Spot weed control
Step 5- Fall Step 6- Late Fall
  • Balanced, slow-release, granual fertilizer
  • Spot weed control
  • A heavy application of winterizer fertilizer to stimulate root growth and early spring green-up
All pesticide applications performed by Panaro Services LLC #99080A

Green Lawn

Grow Green’s Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Tick Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Slice Seeding
  • Managed Insect Control
  • Preventative Weed Control
  • Guaranteed Professionalism

Our program controls crabgrass and dozens of weed varieties.

Call Us at 732-536-1230